Introduction to Bandestration

Over the years, I have come to realize that the art of writing for the modern wind band is quite possibly the hardest thing that a composer or orchestrator can do.  Much of this is due to there being no great masters of the art form to copy.  Sure, there are excellent works and a smattering of great composers,  but there is no real cannon upon which we can draw textbook examples.

Too often we have thought of the concert band as the little sibling to the orchestra.  It’s there just to get a pat on the head and be given a platitude in acknowledgement that it even exists.

What if we separate from the orchestra?  What if we step back and look at what a wind band has been and could be?  We if we re-imagine something new?

Over the course of this blog, I will be presenting my own ideas on new directions for the wind band.  New ideas.  New sounds.  New possibilities.

All the posts will be segments of my book on Bandestration.  Instead of publishing it, I give it to the world for free in this format.  It will become more of a living book and make full use of new forms of media.

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