Range Charts and Updates

For the few of you who actually read the blog, I’m going back through some of my older posts and adding in range charts.  So far, I have Flutes, Recorders, Oboes, Clarinets, and Saxophones done. 

Also, there are only 3 more posts remaining for the bulk of the wind entries (Trumpets in the band, and 2, maybe 3, posts for the Horn).  Let me know if there are any instruments you would like covered or topics you would like additional information on.

2 thoughts on “Range Charts and Updates

  1. Firstly, thanks again for putting up such an insightful blog on wind instrument writing. I noticed that you cited Percy Grainger’s Lincolnshire Posy many times in examples of good wind writing. I am curious as to whether you could possibly do an analysis of the whole suite on how Grainger so masterfully wrote for the concert band, if such a request is not too much to ask. Thank you in advance.

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