A New Ophicleide

Of all the things I thought would never happen, a new Ophicleide is one of them.  Turns out I was quite wrong.  A Chinese manufacturer has begun production of a brand new B-flat Bass Ophicleide.  This is totally unexpected (come on Chinese Sarrusophone!).

Turns out, it’s a really good instrument.  It’s a copy of a Gautrot from the 1860s (who was known for making some of the best Ophicleides).  This is the first Ophicleide produced in over 100 years (aside from a few one-offs in small shops).


6 thoughts on “A New Ophicleide

    1. Stewart’s instruments are indeed the ones I refer to. It looks like we now have modern Chinese instruments in B-flat, C, and the Alto. Perhaps time to start writing for the ophicleide again?

  1. Antoine Adolphe de Bermingham

    I know this is a late reply but i just found a Chinese made(Or the rare chance that it is an Original one that miraculously found it’s way to China) Sarrusophone that sold on AliExpress,

      1. Antoine Adolphe de Bermingham

        Sorry, I haven’t checked for a while and missed your reply.
        Unfortunately I cannot find it anymore since the sold listing probably was removed.

  2. Antoine Adolphe de Bermingham

    This is a late reply but i found that there may actually be Chinese made Sarrusophones out there right now. I just discovered a Sold listing on AliExpress of a Sarrusophone from China.

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