Example of Great Bandestration

In this post, I will be putting together a list of several of the works for band/winds that I feel to be among the best orchestrated.  These are all original works for the medium.  I’ve tried to get as wide of a sample as possible spanning 175 years of music.  There’s music by American, British, Australian, Russian, French, Dutch, Czech, and Austrian composers.

Stravinsky’s Symphonies of Wind Instruments (1947 version)

Berlioz’s Funeral and Triumphal Symphony

Sparke’s Dance Movements

Maslanka’s Fourth Symphony

Grainger’s Lincolnshire Posy

Holst’s Hammersmith

Husa’s Music for Prague 1968

De Meij’s Lord of the Rings Symphony

Schmitt’s Dionysiaques

Schoenberg’s Theme and Variations op. 43a