Baroque vs. Renaissance Recorders

Baroque versus Renaissance

There exist two families of recorders, the Baroque and the Renaissance.  The Baroque recorder is the standard model that most people are aware of.  It is a more refined instrument with a clearer sound and a larger range.  The Renaissance instruments are earthier in tone and generally only have a range of an octave and a half.  It is possible for a bandestrator to specify the use of either Baroque or Renaissance, but chances are that it will just be played upon the Baroque anyway.

An ensemble of all Renaissance recorders with the highest instrument being the Bass Recorder (4 Bass Recorders, 4 Great Bass Recorders, 3 Contrabass Recorders, and 1 Sub-Contrabass Recorder)

A quartet of Tenor, Bass, and 2 Great Bass Recorders all on Baroque instruments


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