Bass Recorder

Bass Recorder

Bass Recorder range

This instrument is pitched one octave below the Alto Recorder and is the highest recorder to be notated in the bass clef.  Two standard models now exist.  The plastic version is built with a kink in the body to facilitate ease of play, while wooden models are built straight with a short curved bocal.  The plastic models are generally easier to play and produce a fuller and more direct sound.  Unlike the Tenor, the Bass is always built with four keys and is an easier instrument to play.  This is a wonderful instrument that is often overlooked.  Remember that it is the exact same pitch level as the Violin.  This should give some idea of how much higher the other members of the family are.

Handel Sonata on Bass Recorder

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  4. I have a question about the bass recorder: are the lowest two notes of the instrument chromatic? I ask because I felt a Renaissance-style bass recorder once and it just had a single key for the low F rhater than, say, two smaller keys for a low F-sharp and F.

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