D-flat Piccolo Flute

D-flat Piccolo Flute

D-flat Piccolo Range

At one time, bands used Piccolos pitched a half-step higher in the key of D-flat.  While instruments are extant, none are currently being manufactured.  I only include the instrument here as a historical curiosity.  I do however, know a flutist who owns a D-flat Piccolo just for the sole purpose of playing the solo from Stars and Stripes Forever as the Piccolo part for the C Piccolo is in A-flat, while the D-flat Piccolo part is in the much easier key of G.  Everything is exactly like the C Piccolo except transposed up one half-step.


4 thoughts on “D-flat Piccolo Flute

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  3. Grace

    Hi, I have an antique six key piccolo that I have been wanting to play just for fun but I cannot figure out the fingerings for it or find them online anywhere, if you have any idea or know someone who does I would really appreciate it.

    1. Baines’ Woodwind Instruments and their History has a fingering chart for 8-keyed Flute, which is the same thing as 6-keyed plus the low C# and C keys. It also has a section on the 6-keyed by itself but no stand alone fingering chart.

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