Flute d’Amore or Mezzo-Soprano Flute

Flute d’Amore or Mezzo-Soprano Flute

B-Flat Flute d'Amore

A Flute d'Amore

There are two odd flutes that go by the name Flute d’Amore.  One is pitched in B-flat while the other is in A, respectively a major 2nd and a minor 3rd below the C Flute.  These flutes are rarely seen, though, recent research has shown that a considerable amount of Baroque Traverso music was written for the Flute d’Amore in mind.  Both the B-flat and A instruments are being manufactured, and can be obtained fairly easily.  However, I fail to see where either instrument would be an advantage over the C Flute or Alto Flute.

The Habanera from Carmen by Bizet.  A B-flat Flute d’Amore is playing the 2nd flute part.

Hasse Concerto in F for Flute d’Amore in B-Flat

Ravel’s Pavane.  An A Flute d’Amore is playing the 2nd flute part.

Comparing the two videos by the same performers, the A has a slightly mellower sound than does the B-flat.  The A is closer to the Alto and the B-flat is closer to the C Flute.

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