G Treble Flute

G Treble Flute

G Treble Flute Range

This is a rarely seen little flute.  It is pitched a fifth above the standard C flute and is closely related to the slightly bigger E-flat Soprano Flute.  Some models do not possess the bottom C and C-sharp like the Piccolo, though some do.  When writing for this instrument it is best not to include these notes.  This instrument is generally seen only in Scottish and Irish flute bands where it is the main melody instrument.  In this role, it is akin to the fife.

The sound is a blend of the timbres of the C Flute and the Piccolo.  I find that the disparity between the timbre of the C Flute and the Piccolo to be rather great, and this voice could easily bridge that gap.  However, the G Treble is a rather rare instrument, and very seldom seen in the United States.

Debussy’s Syrinx on G Treble Flute

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