Garklein Recorder

Garklein Recorder

Garklein Recorder range

The tiny Garklein (a German word for very small) is in fact the smallest of all woodwind instrument pitched an octave above the Piccolo Flute.  It is pitched in C one octave higher than the Soprano Recorder.  It is also practically useless.  I own a Garklein and cannot play it.  The finger holes are so close together than my not abnormally large fingers overlap one another.  The range is also smaller than that of the other recorders being only an octave and a sixth.  The Sopranino Recorder only misses the top note of the Garklein by a major second.  I find it best to avoid this instrument.

2 thoughts on “Garklein Recorder

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  2. Well, avoid it? I do actually occasionally play it, and not ony to annoy some bystanders.

    I never found music written for it specifically though. So mr composer, could you whip up a piece or two for garklein, maybe accompanied by a lower instrument like a bassoon?

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