Great Bass Recorder

Great Bass Recorder

Great-Bass Recorder range

The Great-Bass Recorder is pitched one octave below the Tenor.  It is the first recorder we encounter that is not made in an affordable plastic version.  This means that its availability will be rarer than any of the above instruments.  It has a warm and soft sound, but because of its size, its technique is more limited.  In pitch, it is the exact same as the Tenor Flute, and duets between the two instruments can be effective.  Its soft sound makes it harder to hear in larger groups.

The Great Bass is the largest recorder I have personally played, and I found it to be a useful instrument even if just doubling the bass part at the octave.  However, to fully double the bass part an octave lower, the rarer Contrabass Recorder is needed.

Vivaldi Sonata in F on Great Bass Recorder