Piccolo Saxophone (Soprillo)

Piccolo Saxophone

Piccolo Saxophone range

The Piccolo Saxophone (known most often under the brand name of “Soprillo”) is the smallest member of the saxophone family, and is pitched one octave higher than the Soprano Saxophone.  It is not an original member of the family, being of recent construction.  It is also the smallest reed instrument in current use.  Due to its small size, the Piccolo Saxophone is extremely difficult to play, but the rewards are huge.  The sound is electric and exhilarating, and has far more punch and passion than does the Piccolo Flute.  As this instrument is only around a decade old, its use and appearance is very limited, but its popularity is growing.

Like all instruments that inhabit the stratosphere (Piccolo Flute, A-flat and E-flat Clarinet, Piccolo Trumpet, etc.) its use in any ensemble should be limited.  Human ears grow tired of high sounds.

Due to its smaller size and slightly more limited keywork, technique of the Piccolo Saxophone will necessarily be somewhat slower than the other high members of the family.  Also, only one mouthpiece choice is available for the instrument, as it is so small that some of the keywork is built into the mouthpiece itself!

I foresee an exciting future for this instrument.

Waltzing Soprillda for solo Piccolo Saxophone and sax ensemble

Vivaldi Concerto for 2 Trumpets played on 2 Piccolo Saxophones

Petra for Piccolo Saxophone and sax ensemble.

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