E-flat Soprano Cornet

E-flat Soprano Cornet

e-flat cornet

The E-flat Soprano Cornet is a small soprano/sopranino cornet pitched a fourth above the B-flat Cornet.  This instrument has almost never been used in the traditional concert band setting, but is the highest voice in the traditional British brass band.  I also only know of one single instance where the instrument is used in an orchestral setting (Brian’s Gothic Symphony).  This does not mean that it cannot be used in a band; on the contrary, the high brass needs a voice like this that has the flexibility, delicateness, and softness in this register.

Unlike other high brass, the sound of the Soprano Cornet is fluid and graceful without the piercing edge of the trumpets.  Writing up to the written high C is possible, but very dangerous.  Notes above the written high G should be only used for tutti and dramatic purposes.  Florid passages suit the instrument well.

As the top voice in a cornet or Horn ensemble it would work beautifully.  In fact, it can serve as the top voice for the entire brass section.  The sound will mix quite well with upper woodwinds (unlike the trumpets).

Solo E-flat Soprano Cornet and brass band.

2nd solo for E-flat Soprano Cornet and brass band.


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