Piccolo Flügelhorn

Piccolo Flügelhorn or Sopranino Tuba

f piccolo flugelhorn rnage

e-flat flugelhorn range

This is one of the rarest of all brass instruments, and I only include it for completeness sake.  It is pitched either a fourth of fifth above the standard B-flat Flügelhorn.  At one time it was used in German and Austrian bands.  Today, I can only find the instrument being manufactured by Italian manufacturers under the name Flicorno Sopranino or Flicornino (Flicorno is Italian for Flügelhorn).  In reality, it is very similar to an E-flat Cornet.  The main difference is that the Flügelhorn usually possesses rotary valves.

            The use of this small instrument might extend the range of the tuba family upwards a few notes, but its rarity makes it very difficult to score for.

A piece on Sopranino Saxhorn, which is essentially a Piccolo Flügelhorn.

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