A History of Band Orchestration

The wind band has had a long history.  In some regards, it’s history is longer than that of the orchestra.

Medieval and Renaissance

The earliest music for band probably dates to sometime in the Medieval period.  Wind instruments were used for outdoor music as they were louder than strings and more portable than the organ.

This scenario stood throughout the Renaissance era.  Instrument development slowly became more advanced and new instruments were developed.  Many of the instruments developed in the Renaissance are the fore bearers of the instruments in the modern wind band (such as trombones, bassoons, and oboes). Continue reading “A History of Band Orchestration”

What is a Band?

Before beginning the course, we must define what a band is.

For the purposes of this course, a band is an ensemble made up of wind instruments and percussion.

The standard idea we think of when we envision a band is the concert band.  A group of 30-70 players (or more) seated on a concert stage.

But… Continue reading “What is a Band?”