Fanfare for Brass and Organ

The Fanfare for Brass and Organ is the opening movement of a symphony I never completed.  The first three movements and sketches for the fourth are all that exist out of a planned five movement work.  The second movement (now relabeled as Adagio for Winds and Organ) and the third movement (now relabeled as Scherzo for Woodwinds) are today stand alone pieces. The work does utilize thematic material from the other movements, but can work well as a standalone piece.

The work has elements of the Prelude to Das Rhingold mixed with the fanfare like nature of The Pines of Rome’s “Pines of the Appian Way.”

The work is scored for:

  • 4 Horns
  • 2 Piccolo Trumpets in A
  • 2 C Trumpets
  • 2 Tenor Trombones
  • Bass Trombone
  • 2 Flügelhorns
  • 2 Euphoniums
  • Bass Tuba
  • Contrabass Tuba
  • Organ