Prelude and Fugue for Four Trombones

This might be the earliest work of mine that I still hold as performable.  It is originally scored for two Tenor Trombones, Bass Trombone, and Contrabass Trombone, though the Contrabass Trombone can be played by a second Bass.

This work showed some of my early counterpoint training.  The prelude is a slow and solemn choral that shifts to the direct and noble fugue in A minor.

The work has been played a few times, but sadly, all recordings are now lost.

The work is currently for sale here.


Octet for Double Reeds

This work is by far my most complex in terms of counterpoint and complexity of rhythm.  It comes after I was engaged to play a performance of Schoenberg’s Chamber Symphony 1, which has immensely complicated rhythms and phrasing.  The work is very slow throughout,  but this is countered by the faster rhythms.  The final coda is the only time in the piece to finally center on a single tonality.

The work is scored for a standard eight-person orchestral double reed ensemble (3 Oboes, English Horn, 3 Bassoons, and Contrabassoon).

The work has yet to be performed.