Sextet for Sarrusophones

During my undergrad studies, one of my main areas of interest was the sarrusophone.  My university had one, and I became its curator.  Fast forward a few years to 2006 and my interest is still there.  During my most prolific span, I wrote a short work for six sarrusophones (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, and E-flat Contrabass).  To my knowledge, it is the first work for such an ensemble since Gounod wrote his Chorale et Musette in 1856.  My work is in the style of a quasi-Hindemith march.

In lieu of actually performing the work on sarrusophones as intended, the work can also be performed on like-sized saxophones or on a mixture of saxophones and sarrusophones.

Buy the sheet music here.