Episode 4 – Air on the G Clarinet

Matt and I delve into the oddness that is the Turkish Clarinet in G.

Show Notes:

From Bandestration

Amati G Clarinet

Ripamonti G Clarinet

Fox G Clarinet

3 thoughts on “Episode 4 – Air on the G Clarinet

  1. Leifsrfalling

    Hey Bret, I appreciate this site and the new podcast series. What would excite me even more would be a more primary focus on how these instruments could be incorporated into the band, what roles the instruments could fill, and how the nature of the band would change as a result. These things are discussed, but they seem to only occupy about ten to fifteen minutes of the podcast. I’d love to see you two go into greater depth on these topics. To be clear, I already enjoy the podcasts as they are, and I look forward to each new episode, so this is just a minor request on behalf of one of your viewers. Thanks for all your work!

    1. Thanks for the input. We do try and cover a lot of that, but we also want to put that into historical context, as I firmly believe nothing exists in isolation. We will keep that in mind though as we go forward.

      1. Eric Falley

        Absolutely, I find the historical context quite interesting as well. I don’t want that left out.

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