Why do people hate the Alto Clarinet?

One thought on “Why do people hate the Alto Clarinet?

  1. Danny B.

    Hey my friends, I enjoyed your alto clarinet podcast—obviously I too am one of those folks who enjoys the instrument—mine is a Selmer, though not a series 22 or a series 9 (my serial number starts with a “V”—anyhow, I wanted to add a comment to your statements, several times, that there is no Alto clarinet in the symphonic repertoire. The Stravinsky piece “Symphonies of Wind Instruments” does in fact call for an alto clarinet in F. OK so maybe it’s not technically an orchestral piece; I guess you could argue that it’s a wind band piece, since the instrumentation is for winds and brass only—and probably some performances use a bassett horn in F. I definitely saw a video of performance with an alto clarinet in Eb, and as I remember he or she had some very nice parts in the ensemble. Anyhow just wanted to add that to the stew. Keep up the informative and amusing podcasts. Yay!

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