Update on Volume 2 of Band Orchestration

I thought I’d give a quick update on Volume 2 of Band Orchestration.

First thing, there is an updated and corrected version of Volume 1 now available.  Several minor misprints have been fixed as well as some adjustment in formatting.  Nothing major.

As I write this, I currently have 135 pages and 22,000 words done in Volume 2.  As of right now, I foresee that Volume 2 will be about the same length as Volume 2 (roughly 400 pages and 80,000 words).  All told, this will be 800 pages and over 150,000 words devoted to band orchestration – by far one of the most complete texts ever written on the subject.

Volume 1 can still be easily ordered through the website by following this link.

Purchase a copy of Band Orchestration – Volume 1.


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