8. Symphony 2 “Alfheim”

I have begun work on my Second Symphony subtitled Alfheim.  I have been in various stages of planning and dreaming of this piece for over 20 years.  It’s finally time to start.

1. Alfheim – The Beginning

2. Alfheim part 2 – Composing for instruments that don’t exist… yet

3. Alfheim – The Score

4. Alfheim – The One Thing a Band Can’t Do

5. Alfheim – Movement 1

6. Alfheim – Orchestration update

7. Alfheim – Performance Notes

8. Alfheim – Making the Big Cut

9. A Sample of the First Movement of “Alfheim”


2 thoughts on “8. Symphony 2 “Alfheim”

  1. E. Joanne Hodges

    We have a G Bass Trombone handmade in St. Allans, England by S.P. & S. Ltd.
    Serial No. 26932. I would like to know how old it is and approximate value of the Trombone.
    Thank you.

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