I am not an Oboe

Most people are able to tell the difference between a saxophone and a clarinet (save for those rare individuals who call a Soprano Saxophone a metal clarinet or a Bass Clarinet a wooden saxophone), but the number of people who confuse bassoons and oboes is strikingly high.  Perhaps this is because the oboe family doesn’t descend into the bass register or the bassoon family ascend into the soprano.  Yet, the two instruments are fundamentally different. Continue reading “I am not an Oboe”

Taming the Beast -Advanced Orchestration for Contrabassoon – Part 5 – The Solo Contrabassoon

The solo Contrabassoon is the rarest sound in the orchestra.  You can point to great solos for every single instrument that are lyrical and beautiful, but it’s nearly impossible to find for the Contra.  Even the rare visitors to the orchestra, like Alto Flute, Oboe d’Amore, Bass Oboe and even Flügelhorn have more extensive orchestral solos than the regular Contrabassoon.  So, when the solo Contra does appear, it’s a rare treat. Continue reading “Taming the Beast -Advanced Orchestration for Contrabassoon – Part 5 – The Solo Contrabassoon”