Bass Tuba

Bass Tuba

Bass Tuba range

  • (Note: range does not include pedal notes)

The Bass Tuba, a common sight in the orchestra, is now a rarity in the band.  The tuba we all know and love is the Contrabass Tuba.  The Bass Tuba is pitched either in F or E-flat a fourth or fifth below the Euphonium.  F is the instrument of choice in the United States and for much of Europe, while the E-flat instrument is common in Britain.  At one time, Bass Tubas were quite often seen in the concert band, and many older parts reflect this.  Continue reading “Bass Tuba”

Euphonium or Tenor Tuba

Euphonium or Tenor Tuba

non-compensating Euphonium range

compensating Euphonium range

As the Euphonium is almost entirely a band instrument, it has been neglected by most orchestration texts.  I will try and rectify this and cover as much detail as possible.  The Euphonium is one of the quintessential band instruments.  Every band will have at least one Euphonium player (and possibly a whole section of them).  However, its use in the orchestra is highly limited. Continue reading “Euphonium or Tenor Tuba”