6. Orchestration: General, History, and Future

The Woodwind Section

What Happened in 1913?

  • A short look at the decline in orchestration in the 20th century.

Picking Up the Pieces

  • A look at what the orchestra could do

What to Do with New Instruments

De Profundis

  • A look at the 32′ register

Get the Instrument to Your Face

  • The benefits of actually playing the instruments you’re writing for.

Why I Hate Adler’s Orchestration

What I learned from teaching English

What is the proper score order for a band score?

Possibilities of the Concert Wind Band from the Standpoint of a Modern Composer

  • A reprint of a 1918 article by Percy Grainger

Examples of Great Bandestration


3 thoughts on “6. Orchestration: General, History, and Future

  1. Jesse

    Hi, I’ve noticed that most of these links aren’t actually links, but just plain old text. Is this just an error in the system, or do these posts not exist yet?

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