It’s Here!

The book is finally available for purchase!  Go to Amazon and place your order.

Band Orchestration – Volume 1


The Book is Complete!

Just a few moments ago, I put the last chapter in place in the book.  It’s all editing and revising now.  As it stands, the book is just over 500 pages in length, over 73,000 words, and contains several complete band works written especially for the book.

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Lament for Enkidu

In 2003, I spent most of my summer composing a huge orchestral piece, The Epic of Gilgamesh.  In that orchestral work, I had one section at the end of the third movement where the orchestra accompanied an off-stage male chorus singing the lament for Enkidu, the friend of Gilgamesh.  I was able to take this section and rewrite it for male chorus and Organ.

This recording is from a performance in 2004.