Chaconne for Baritone Saxophone and Strings

As someone who played quite a bit of Bari Sax, I always knew the inherent lyricism that the instrument has.  As an undergrad, I wrote this piece to show that rarely seen side of the instrument.  This is one of the few works that has been performed (actually, it has had 2 performances), and one of my works that could really fill a gap in solo literature.

The Chaconne is now for sale at Sheet Music Plus:

The performance in this video is from a live recording in 2004 from my senior recital.


The most misunderstood instrument in the band

I’ve just completed the initial composition for a new work for band (more on that later), and in the process, I made a realization.  The piece is one of the most colorful I’ve written with huge parts for every instrument.  What I came to realize is that most people think of the Baritone Saxophone in the wrong light.

As I was scoring, I kept keeping the Baritone Sax in the mid to upper range of the instrument.  And that’s when it hit me, the Baritone Sax isn’t a bass instrument as it is normally treated.  This should have been apparent from the beginning – it’s in the name of the instrument.  It’s a baritone. Continue reading “The most misunderstood instrument in the band”