The Instrumentarium – Episode 2 – Bass Oboe Bombardment

Matt and I take a dive into the world of octave oboes, the Bass Oboe, Heckelphone, and Lupophone.  We look at the history of each, how they differ, and how best to write for them.

Show Notes

From Bandestration:

Wolf’s Lupophone

Heckel’s Heckelphone

Mönnig’s Bass Oboe

Loreé’s Bass Oboe

Bret playing a Bass Oboe

A Case for the Bass Oboe

I’ve been thinking about the oboe family a lot lately.  I made a realization about it recently.  Actually, several realizations.

Number one: the Oboe itself has the smallest usable range of any woodwind instrument at only an two-and-a-half octaves.  All other woodwinds have a minimum of three octaves (Bassoon and clarinets have at least three-and-a-half).  But not the oboe.

oboe range 2

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