Tenor Bassoon (Tenoroon)

Tenor Bassoon

tenor bassoon in g range

tenor bassoon in F

The Tenor Bassoon or Tenoroon is like the Alto Bassoon in that it is an old instrument that has recently been revived.  The current instruments come in two flavors; F and G.  The F instrument (also known as a Quart-Bassoon) is pitched a fourth higher than the Bassoon, while the G instrument (also known as a Quint-Bassoon) is pitched a fifth above the BassoonContinue reading “Tenor Bassoon (Tenoroon)”

Alto Bassoon (Octave Bassoon)

Alto Bassoon

alto bassoon range

The Alto or Octave Bassoon is an old instrument that has recently been revived along with the Tenor Bassoon.  It is pitched one octave higher than the standard Bassoon.  As the instrument is currently constructed, it has very limited keywork and range.  Thus, technique is severely limited.  The range is only two-and-a-half octaves, an octave less than the Bassoon.  The bottom range is not fully chromatic lacking the bottom B-natural and C-sharp. Continue reading “Alto Bassoon (Octave Bassoon)”