A Tale of Two Tenors

Today, I recorded a short video demonstrating the tonal differences between the C Tenor or C Melody Saxophone and the B-flat Tenor Saxophone.  Here are the results.

Episode 3 – All About that Bass… Saxophone

After a couple of weeks off, Matt and I discuss the Bass Saxophone.

Show Notes

From Bandestration

Eppelsheim Bass Saxophone

Selmer Bass Saxophone

Keilwerth Bass Saxophone

Wessex Bass Saxophone

The most misunderstood instrument in the band

I’ve just completed the initial composition for a new work for band (more on that later), and in the process, I made a realization.  The piece is one of the most colorful I’ve written with huge parts for every instrument.  What I came to realize is that most people think of the Baritone Saxophone in the wrong light.

As I was scoring, I kept keeping the Baritone Sax in the mid to upper range of the instrument.  And that’s when it hit me, the Baritone Sax isn’t a bass instrument as it is normally treated.  This should have been apparent from the beginning – it’s in the name of the instrument.  It’s a baritone. Continue reading “The most misunderstood instrument in the band”