B-flat Baritone Horn

Baritone Horn

baritone horn range

This is the lowest member of the cornet family.  It looks like a skinny Euphonium, but is not.  For decades, the terms “Baritone” and Euphonium were interchangeable.  However today, most composers, players, and band directors are savvy enough to know the difference.  The British brass bands have always known the difference between the two and provided two parts for each the Baritone Horn and the Euphonium in their ensembles. Continue reading “B-flat Baritone Horn”

Cornets – Introduction

Sadly, the cornets are a sound that we have almost entirely lost from the band.  At one time, the Cornet was the most important brass instrument in the band.  Today, the trumpet has completely taken over this role.  Most people nowadays see no difference between the two instruments.  I see a huge difference.

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